Who We Are


Hello!.  My name is Marta Leamy and I am the owner of Chicos & Chicas Shoes which is operating in Nenagh since 2009.





I am originally from Barcelona – Hence the shop name. I am very passionate about the importance of children being fitted with good quality and properly fitted shoes, as both my own children wear orthotics. It was through frustration in trying to get good quality and stylish shoes for them, that I came up with the idea to set up my dedicated children’s shoe shop.

Being from Spain, I was pretty familiar with the Spanish manufacturers of shoes as well as Italian and German. They all manufacture very trendy and fashionable shoes but also very durable and supportive. I thought, it would be lovely to make this available in Nenagh as the children shoes available in the area were simply limited to a couple of brands manufactured in the UK with very limited range.

I haven’t looked back since. The business has grown inline with our reputation for specialist fitting with the result that I have customers travelling from other towns even as much as over 40 miles away, because they know they will only get the best shoes and service from our store.

To date, I have built up a large client base with specialist requirements such as:

  •  Orthopedic shoes
  • Therapeutic and Diabetic shoes (for adults)
  •  Shoes that accommodate orthotics and AFOs

I work closely with local (and not so local) Medical Practitioners by providing specialist fitting service for their patients who wear orthotics, AFO or need a special shoes to treat a foot related condition.

I am a Qualified Shoe Fitter by the Society of Shoe Fitters UK and our staff is trained on the Society’s Guidelines and Standards.